Exposición Xavier Nogués. Barcelona 1873-1941. Catálogo, Ayuntamiento de Barcelona. Museos de Arte, Barcelona 1967

This was the most comprehensive exhibition about Nogués, and Cecília Vidal played a very important role in writing the catalogue, which comprises 1427 files.

Exposición Legado Isabel Escalada, vda. Xavier Nogués. Catálogo, Ayuntamiento de Barcelona. Museos de Arte, Barcelona 1972

This was the exhibition featuring the collection the artist’s widow bequeathed to the municipal art museums of Barcelona: a catalogue of 507 pieces written by Cecília Vidal.

AINAUD DE LASARTE, J.M. & VIDAL MAYNOU, Cecília. Exposición Nogués. Instituto Nacional del Libro Español, Barcelona 1976

Chronological compendium of the files of the works illustrated by Xavier Nogués, as well as a very extensive artist’s bibliography. It also contains an inventory of the drawings, prints and publications shown at the retrospective exhibition.

Xavier Nogués. Pintures murals procedents del Celler de les Galeries Laietanes. Museu d’Art Modern. Ajuntament de Barcelona, 1984

Catalogue of the exhibition of tempera murals dating from 1915 and done by Nogués in the basement café, El Celler, at the Galeries Laietanes in Barcelona. Most of them have belonged to Museu d’Art Modern (now MNAC) since 1947. There are also some pieces from the same source, in private collections.

Xavier Nogués a les col·leccions del Museu, Biblioteca Museu Víctor Balaguer & Fundació Xavier Nogués, Vilanova i la Geltrú, 2011

Catalogue of the different artworks by Nogués on display at the Museu de Vilanova, with a preface by Mireia Rosich and extensive texts by Cecília Vidal.