Joan Barroer, Carles Riba (Muntañola, Barcelona 1918) "Les Peripècies d'en Joan Barroer"

"Les Peripècies d'en Joan Barroer", from the "Six Joans" series, is a tale by Carles Riba magnificently illustrated by Xavier Nogués.

El país de los tontos (serbian story),by Josep Carner (Muntañola, Barcelona 1920, and the catalan edition –La terra dels babaus- by Montserrat Planas, Leteradura, Barcelona 1980)

A magnificent tale (we will never know if it is for adults or children) by the prolific writer Josep Carner brilliantly and satirically illustrated by Master Nogués


Les conspiracions, de Joan Salvat-Papasseit (Nation al Catalan Library, Barcelona 1922)

Joan Salvat-Papasseit's conspirations

L’Oci d’un filòsof, by Cristòfor de Domènech (Llibrería Catalunya, bookstore, Barcelona 1928)

Christopher Domenech with his corrosive and irreverent humor writes this book which was abducted by police shortly after leaving.

Sàtires, by Guerau de Liost (Revista de Poesia Edition, Barcelona 1928, republished by Selecta, Barcelona 1966 and by Quaderns Crema, Barcelona 1999)

A critical view of Catalan society from a moralizing attitude. The book has been considered by critics as "pure novecentista".


El sombrero de tres picos, by Pedro Antonio de Alarcón (La Cometa, Gustavo Gili, Barcelona 1934)

Extraordinary edition with master etchings by Xavier Nogués.

Bestiari , by Pere Quart (Generalitat de Catalunya. Culture Department, 1937, republished by Proa, Barcelona 1969, 1997 i 2015)

Writer and puppeteer show their inspired "bogeria" with the wonderful verses of the poet and the graphic interpretation made by Master Nogués.


L’humor a la Barcelona del vuit-cents (Generalitat de Catalunya 1938, republished by Premsa Catalana, Barcelona 1989)

The humor in the eighteen century in Barcelona

Història d’un gos, by Jeroni Moragues (Josep Janés, Barcelona 1947)

"Història d’un gos", by Jeroni Moragues

L’humor a la Barcelona del Noucents (Aymà, Barcelona 1949)

The humor of nineteenth century in Barcelona

Les prunes del rei de França, de Josep Pedreira (Xavier Nogués Foundation, Barcelona 2012)

Pedreira's poems and Nogués's drawings in a "divertimento" around the world of wine.