Catalonia's Pintoresc History (1919)

3 fascicles of 10 engravings and 1 of 20, with text by Francesc Pujols and prologue by Joan Sacs. Salvat-Papasseit Booksellers. Barcelona. 1st edition. 2nd ed. 1933, from Llibreria Catalònia, 3rd. ed. 1947, by Editorial Millà, Barcelona, 4th and 5th ed. of Olañeta, of Palma de Mallorca, 1979 and 1987 (facsimiles plus an introduction by Francesc Fontbona), and 6th ed., bibliophile, 1990, of the Xavier Nogués Foundation.
Here he shows some "photographs" of his time, from this point of view that only the true pupeteers, poets of the image, are able to reflect without the need for anything else: paper, pencil ... and their intelligence.

A catalan alphabet for kids (1920)

Preceded by a few words from Pompeu Fabra. National Catalan Bookstore. Salvat-Papasseit Booksellers. Barcelona. 1st edition. 2nd and 3rd editions of 1984 and 1995, by Alta Fulla publishing house, Barcelona.

50 puppets (1922)

Foreword by Ramón Reventós.
Salvat-Papasseit Booksellers. Barcelona.
1st ed. 1922.